Communication solutions

AllTec Informationstechnik Loesungen Kommunikation

Our solutions in the field of communication are specialized for small, medium and big-sized businesses.

Concerning the realisation it is not just about pure speak- and data network but also about their combination or mobile solutions.


Our accredited technicians help you to find and realise the optimal telecommunication solution.
By means of available infrastructure we analyse and plan under technical, economic and ergonomic conditions the optimal communication solution.
For a smooth mode of the installed solution we offer 24-h-Call-Service for you.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a combination of telecommunication and data processing. The integration makes it possible to initiate the automatic session establishment, acceptation and completion of phone calls using computer programs.

These functions help to offer a professional customer service, successful customer acquisition, order taking or order transaction.

The connection of communication server and data bases make optimal telephony management possible.

Unified Messaging (UMS)

Unified Messaging is a method to put incoming and messages which need to be sent (for ex.: Voice-Mail, E-Mail, Fax, SMS, MMS, etc.) in a unified form and to administrate them with the help of an unified inbox (mail system).

The advantages of UMS:

  • Central communication management
  • Complete integration of language and data
  • Communication without media disruptions
  • Can be realised with almost every telephone device
  • An open interface makes it possible to have a connection of external application

If your are interested in these solutions please call Mr. Thomas Schroth: +49 3433 246-165