Server technology

We offer all our customers an uncomplicated online remote maintenance for all familiar Microsoft operating systems.
The performances of the IT-Centre include planning and accommodation of customized Pc single solutions up to complex Client-Server-infrastructures.

AllTec Information Technology Solutions Server Technology

Hardware-based mail-systems (z. B.: Microsoft Exchange / NCT Embedded Mail-Server) either licence-based or on the basis of open-source groupware solutions belong to this service.

As actual trend in the server environment we use visualising technologies to integrate single hardware into a whole system.
With complete system back ups, as time and cost reducing solution, we offer companies the possibility, to minimize the danger of data loss when a system fault accures.

In conjunction with a hardware independent instauration of the data and images it is for every administrator a carefree package.

How does it work?
Extensive and time-consuming reinstallations are no longer necessary because of the creation of exact images of server hard drives including operation system, applications, driver, data bases, patches and configuration.
Detail-based Backups of data bases help users to gain a high level of security even for operating and process relevant data.
After a system fault a complete system restoration can be realised which means either a Bare-Metal-Restore or only a restoration of chosen data and directories.
The complete system restoration can be done using the old hardware or other hardware or virtual systems.